DOBE Joy Con Grip Charging Holder Grips for Nintendo Switch


  • MORE COMFORTABLE JOY CON GRIP THAN JOYCON STRAP – People get hand cramps while playing with the small Joycon after a few rounds of Mario Kart. Even with Joy Con strap on, it’s still not big enough to hold comfortably. This Switch Joycon grip adds a bigger, easier and more comfortable grip for tiny Joy-Con by its ergonimic handle design. There’s more space for your fingers. The size is right for both kids and adult, prevents strain from holding a single controller for extended play sessions.
  • ENLARGED SHOULDER BUTTONS AND FULLL ACCESS TO L/R, SL/SR, ZL/ZR BUTTONS – A must have for Mario Kart matches. Unlike other Nintendo Switch Joy Con grip that block bumpers inside. This Joycon grip offers full access to all buttons, including the R/L, ZR/ZL. The enlarged SL/SR bumpers on the grip made the SL/SR buttons easier to press and more responsive versus using joycon strap. You can slide with good consistency and accuracy and have a better play experience when racing on difficult courses.
  • JOY-CON SECURE LOCKED IN PLACE, AND EASY TO SLIP ON & OFF – Joycon slips onto the grip and stays locked. No need to worry about controller falling out during gameplay. It’s also easy to slip off. No cumbersome latch mechanism, no Joy-con stuck issue. Even young kids can do it themselves. Please kindly note each joycon has its corresponding handle grip. You can easily tell the right holder by the + and – mark. Just simply slide your Joy Con into the rihgt holder grip and you are ready to go.
  • PLAY WITH JOY CON WHILE CHARGING, PERFECT FOR MARIO PARTY – Adding this Joy Con charging grip onto the joycon, you can charge the controller with a USB C cable while use it at the same time. There’re also 4 battery level indicators on the front. It allows you to be able to extend the hours of game play, without the need to stop your games to charge joy-cons or swap controllers whenever the battery is low. This Joy-con charging grip is a must if you play Multiplayer games on the go.

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