DOBE Wireless Controller Switch Pro Controller Alternative with Turbo, Gyro Motion Control, Rumble for Ninetendo Switch, PC, Android


  • COMFORTABLE NINTENDO SWITCH CONTROLLER FOR LONG TIME PLAYING – The configuration and weight of this Switch controller feels similar to Nintendo Switch Pro controller. It fits nicely in hands and more comfortable than samll Joy Con controllers, especially if you have big hands or long fingers. It’s comfortable to grip for a few hours of gameplay. No more hand cramps. A must have for anyone who intends to play for long sessions of Zelda, Splatoon and games that take hours on Nintendo Switch.
  • BETTER CONTROL WITH SMOOTH JOYSITCKS AND LARGE BUTTONS – This Switch controller has the same layout as Joycons and Pro controller. Face buttons and triggers are larger than Joycons, clicky and responsive. Thumbsticks are smooth and precise, with no wobbling or drifting. D-pad is reliable. All buttons and sticks are easily accessable and intuitive to feel which you’re pressing. ZL/ZR triggers are large and curved, you can use middle fingers in concert with pointer fingers on triggers.
  • FULL FEATURES AS SWITCH PRO CONTROLLER, EXCEPT NFC – This Nintendo Switch controller does everything the official Pro controller do, except there’s no NFC reader for amiibos. It supports rumble, 6-axis gyroscope motion control, snapshot for photo and video? and home button. It also adds extra Turbo feature to save your fingers and avoid buttons destroying from button masher games. Please kindly note that you can not use this controller to wake up Switch console.
  • WIRELESS CONTROLLER WITH 6H PLAYTIME, PERFECT FOR MUTIPLAYER GAMES – You can hook up 4 of this wireless controller for multiplayer games like Mario Cart and Smash Ultimate. It can also work together with Joycons and other controllers (wired & wireless). The bluetooth range is 10m. The inside 400mAh rechargeable battery is charged via a provided USB-C cable. It takes 1.5H to charge, then you get 4 to 6 hours to play. It also supports charge while playing, which is perfect for long gaming sessions

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