Feiyu Tech AK4000 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Mirrorless & DSLR Camera Sony Canon Panasonic Nikon Smart Touch Panel WiFi Bluetooth Connection 4Kg Payload Free Follow Focus Carbon Fiber Extension Rod and Extra Battery

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  • ?”Spiritual Window” Smart Touch Panel?Feiyu AK4000 Gimbal Stabilizer innovative smart touch panel, Low-power LCD touch panel for easy adjustment of follow focus/zoom/sensitivity/ios/white balance/exposure compensation/motor speed/scene setting and auto-rotation mode settings. Touch panel supports operation updates for everlasting operation function.
  • Exclusive Trigger Button “Hunting Mode”: The “Hunting Mode”of AK4000 enables creative creation. Heading follow mode, all follow mode, lock mode. The unique “Space Mode” takes a sense of weightlessness, and the “Hunting Mode” enables you to shoot any where you aim at.
  • Super-Strong Payload Capacity:The load-carrying capacity of the AK4000 comes from the ultra-large torque motors of infinite power and a new high performance chip in combination with the intelligent anti-shake algorithm. The anti-shake is also capable of being used in extreme environments and can bear the weights of professional SLR cameras and lens of all brands.
  • WiFi + Bluetooth Dual Module Connection: At the same time as the WiFi connection, Feiyu ON APP can connect to the camera to set up parameters via Bluetooth. Connecting WiFi with compatible devices can control the photographing, shooting, focus, zoom, sensitivity adjustment, white balance, exposure value, and switching mode function.
  • Multi-functional “Magic Ring”: High-precision magnetic induction knob not only can control the focus and zoom but also can be used to control the high-precision rotation of the motor, giving you a cradle-like experience.

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