Joby GorillaPod 5K Video PRO for DSLR Cameras or Mirrorless Camera with Lens up to 5K (8.8lbs)

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  • Versatility: Gorilla Pod video Pro 5K pairs the strong and flexible Gorilla Pod 5K legs with a solid fluid video head for creative control with a range of camera setups up to 8. 8lbs in total weight 
  • Fluid movements: fits popular models of video capable Mirrorless and DSLR cameras allowing smooth movements thanks to the fluid video head; Gorilla Pod video head gives smooth movement on pan and tilt and has a removable and foldable pan bar for extra portability 
  • Grip It; wrap it; stand it: wrap the flexible legs around handlebars or poles to fix your camera to areas that would normally be off limits, stand it on a flat surface like a standard tripod to make smooth videos or grip It to use as a handheld rig 
  • Accessories: The Gorilla Pod arm (included) can be mounted by ? inches thread on the pan bar arm joint for using additional accessories such as a LED light or microphone. Includes removable mount on the pan bar for a Job Impulse trigger (sold separately) to operate smartphones remotely by Bluetooth 
  • Compatible: uses a sliding quick release plate to balance the camera setup; head is compatible with Manfrotto 51PL style plates 

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Professional quality fluid video head for smooth pan and tilt movements with removable/foldable pan bar for extra portability. Gorilla Pod legs wrap around objects for unlimited angles and precise composition control on any surface. Includes an additional Gorilla Pod arm for adding accessories such as microphone or LED lights. Optional mount for mobile photography which fits Job Impulse Bluetooth shutter remote (remote not included). 1. 3/8? adapter 2. Sliding plate with 1/4?-2 mount 3. Socket Gorilla Pod arm 4. Impulse Bluetooth remote mount 5. Video head 6. Pan bar 7. Gorilla Pod stand style: Gorilla Pod 5K video Pro the Job Gorilla Pod 5K video Pro includes a fluid video head that together with the multi-function Gorilla Pod Mini tripod supports up to 8. 8 lb. payloads. It allows you to mount a wide variety of camera setups with the convenience of the Gorilla pod’s articulating capabilities. The fluid head features a pan bar, a quick release camera plate, bubble level, and multiple points of adjustment. An articulating extension arm, similar to one of the legs of the Gorilla Pod, is additionally included and attaches into a 1/4″-2 accessory mounting thread on the fluid head. The arm allows you to attach lights, mics, and other accessories to complement your camera and allow for a more complete setup. A removable mount for the optional Job Impulse Bluetooth remote is also included, providing the starting point for remote operation, which is an ideal addition to the Gorilla Pod because of this mini tripod’s ability to wrap around tree branch and various other objects in remote, tight spaces. How does this compact Gorilla Pod 5K video Pro support 8. 8 lb.? The Gorilla Pod legs are designed to support the weight. Another of the convenience of the 5K video Pro is that the legs are independently adjustable and can be set to compensate for uneven ground. The bubble level on the fluid head will help balance everything out. And yet another convenience is that the entire rig folds into a flat-like form that can be fit into most carry bags/cases. The included fluid head attaches to a 1/4″-2 screw on top of the Gorilla Pod. Alternative to the fluid head, various other gear and accessories can be attached on top, including smartphone mounts, action cameras, teleprompters, and so on.

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