JSAUX RGB Transparent Back Plate Compatible for ROG Ally, DIY Clear Edition Replacement Shell Case Compatible with ASUS ROG Ally

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* Light Up Your ROG Ally: Experience 5 captivating RGB lighting modes that will elevate your gaming machine to an unparalleled visual spectacle.
* Unleash Your ROG Ally’s Personality: Explore 5 dynamic and unique RGB patterns to define your gaming setup with flair. Plus, we throw in 4 extra transparent customizable slides for limitless personalization options.
* See Your Inner ROG Ally: Visualize the Internals feature lets you uncover the technological marvels that power your console, revealing its fascinating secrets.
* Tech-Style Decals: Enhance your device’s aesthetics effortlessly with built-in PVC stickers that let you add a tech-inspired look to the back cover before installation.
* Type-C Easy Charging: With a built-in 170mAh lithium battery, enjoy up to 3 hours of uninterrupted RGB lighting, effortlessly rechargeable via USB-C.
* Certified for Reliability: CE, ROHS, UKCA, FCC-SDOC, and UN38.3 – ensuring the utmost reliability in your gaming experience.


* Not compatible with the PC0109 ModCase for ROG Ally. the protective case may obstruct the light source behind the PC0110 back plate. And the switch of RGB light may be blocked.
* There is a Light Sensor inside the ROG Ally. After removing the back cover, you need to attach the Light Sensor Adhesive Sheet we included, install our back cover, and then plug in the game console so that the game console can be used normally.
* After reinstalling the back cover, the game console needs to be plugged in and activated with a charger before it can be turned on.
* The Back Plate may be out of power when received. It is best to charge it before using it for the first time.
* Changing the product’s LOGO pattern can be complex; it’s advisable to decide on the pattern before installation for convenience.
* When using transparent customizable slides, please ensure to have light-blocking paint ready.
* The transparent back cover isn?t recommended for users who have no experience in DIY and/or disassembling electronic devices. We strongly recommend carefully reviewing the iFixit videos if you choose to install them or seek the services of a professional. Any equipment malfunction caused by the disassembly of the game console, but not by this product, shall be borne by the user.

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