JSAUX Transparent Back Plate RGB Version Compatible for Steam Deck, DIY Clear Edition Replacement Shell Case Compatible with Steam Deck

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* [RGB Illuminate Your Steam Deck] Experience a vibrant display of colors with our RGB lighting. Transform your Steam Deck into a mesmerizing spectacle as the stunning RGB lights dance and illuminate your device. Stand out from the crowd and embrace a visually captivating gaming experience.
* [Latest Vents Design, Optimal Cooling] Optimize the airflow path through the heat dissipation ventilation hole design to significantly improve the heat dissipation efficiency. At the same time, the thermally conductive silicone grease and the heat-dissipation aluminum sheet also assist in heat dissipation, ensuring efficient heat dissipation during intense gaming, and experiencing the ultimate game experience.
* [Customize Your Steam Deck] The transparent cover also comes bundled with three sets of rear buttons (each one with a different height:original, high and low) that will let DIY enthusiasts make their Decks even more unique. Each button has a more durable, anti-slip, premium texture.
* [See Your Inner Steam Deck] This transparent back cover will let you see all the hardware of your Deck. Thanks to the transparent plate you?ll be able to identify every little component in your handheld device while sporting a unique design.

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