JSAUX Transparent Cover Series For Steam Deck (Clear)

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* Notes: Due to the complexity of the dismantling procedure and the possibility of damaging your machine, we recommend that users with no experience in dismantling machines consider this carefully before doing so.
* [Clear View of Internal Components] Get a clear view of your Steam Deck’s internal components with the Transparent Front Cover PC0108, and showcase the impressive engineering.
* [Engaging DIY Customization] For enthusiasts who enjoy hands-on customization, Follow the comprehensive video and text tutorials provided for a perfect DIY experience.
* [Premium Quality Materials & Accessories] Crafted from top-notch materials, the Transparent Front Cover guarantees durability and a premium feel. It comes with a comprehensive set of high-quality accessories to provide the necessary support.
* [Perfect Fit] The meticulously designed Transparent Front Cover perfectly fit with your Steam Deck, and without any loose or mismatched parts.
* [Rigorous Testing Process] The Transparent Front Cover has undergone thorough testing to ensure its feasibility and compatibility with the Steam Deck.

1. Replacing the cover of the Steam Deck involves a significant amount of work. The replacement process takes about 3-5 hours and is very difficult. We recommend that you find professional maintenance personnel to do it.
2. For information on changes to the overall device repair policy resulting from the disassembly, please refer to the official information provided by VALVE.
3. To minimize the risk of damage, please discharge the Steam Deck battery to below 25% before disassembly.
4. Before disassembling, please completely power off the Steam Deck and unplug all cables. Please follow the anti-static safety operation rules, such as washing hands before disassembling the device, wearing anti-static gloves, wearing clothes that are not easy to generate static electricity, and maintaining indoor humidity.
5. If you installed a Micro SD card, make sure to remove it before disassembling the Steam Deck.
6. If you use a screen protector on your screen, please remove the screen protector before disassembly.
7. Avoid touching other internal components of the device as much as possible. Please properly store the original parts and screws that have been removed.
8. For more detailed disassembly tutorials, please refer to the tutorial on the official website of JSAUX:

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