Anker 747 150W USB C Charger GaNPrime, 4-Port Fast Compact Foldable Gan Charger for MacBook Pro/Air, iPhone 14/Pro, iPad Pro, Dell XPS 13, Galaxy S22/S21, Note 20/10+, Pixel and More

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* Unleash Maximum Charging Power: Experience the convenience of high-speed charging for two laptops or power up to four devices simultaneously with our potent 150W USB C Anker 747 Charger. When a single device is connected to one of the USB-C ports, it enjoys an impressive charge of up to 100W.
* Compact Design with Mighty Output: Despite being 38% smaller than a 140W Apple-compatible charger, our compact charger packs a punch with a hefty 150W output.
* Innovative ActiveShield 2.0 Technology: Our cutting-edge technology actively monitors temperature over 3 million times per day, adjusting power output to safeguard your devices, guaranteeing a safe and optimized charging experience.
* Embrace Eco-Friendly GaN Technology: Opt for our GaNPrime products and contribute to energy conservation. If every US household switched to our GaNPrime chargers, we could save up to 796.39 million kWh per year?enough to power Hawaii for an entire month.


* When charging Samsung Galaxy S22 phones, the color of the charging ring popup will be different than when using an original fast charger, but the actual charging speed will be similar.
* Please be informed that Anker 747 Charger (GaNPrime 150W) is a wall charger and not a portable battery.
* Charge your Apple Watch first when charging multiple devices. If the watch charger is connected to the USB-A port without an Apple Watch connected, unplug and reconnect it before charging.
* Due to MacBook charging identification, it’s normal to see a plug symbol in the battery icon when charging a MacBook with a third-party wall charger. Charging will revert to normal automatically after around one minute.
* This charger does not support MagSafe charging for M2 MacBooks. It’s recommended to use a standard USB-C to USB-C cable.
* Due to Dell’s proprietary charging protocol, Dell XPS 15 (9500/9510), Dell Alienware X14, and Dell Mobile Precision Workstation 5570 will not be charged at full speed.

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